Care Requirements

We have included a general guideline in our Quick Stats designating the level of care different fish species require. This is provided to give you an idea of the hardiness of the species, which you can then match to your level of experience.

 – EASY: 

Although not indestructible, the species in this category have proven to be not too demanding in the care that they require. Most of these species do not have special feeding requirements and can tolerate less than perfect water conditions.


The species in this category demand a bit more attention than those that are considered “Easy” to care for. Some of these species may have special feeding, lighting, or water movement requirements and may require water conditions closer to those found in nature.


Species that fall into this category demand a higher level of both attention and water quality. Many of these species have special feeding, water quality, movement and lighting requirements. They should only be added to a mature, well-established aquarium system as many reef aquariums do not become fully established for many months – sometimes up to a year. These “Difficult” species should be among the last additions to your collection.