Quarantine Process

Unparalleled Quarantine Process (Bold) Our comprehensive quarantine process utilizes a powerful combination of copper, prazi, formalin, and antibiotics to tackle even the most stubborn diseases. This rigorous treatment ensures our fish are free from common ailments like Ich, Velvet, Blackspot, Brooklyenella, Flukes, Tapeworm, Uronema, and Vibrio, which other treatments like TTM and hypo may not cover.

Error-Free Medication (Bold) Our medication process is handled by a single expert, Hazel, guaranteeing zero room for error. This personalized care ensures our fish receive the precise treatment they need, without the risk of human error that can occur with multiple handlers.


All fish are treated with copper/prazi/formalin for a minimum of two weeks. They are fed 3x a day and will be transferred to a sterile system with UV for their remaining stay. 

Tangs are treated more strictly with quarantine and will hold any fish for longer if symptoms are still displayed.

Two weeks is just a minimum, you are welcome to quarantine further if you wish. As most of the work is already done for you, rest assured that the fish received from Reef Haven are very healthy. PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT guarantee 100% parasite free fish. We still recommend you to quarantine regardless but the time taken to do so may be a lot less than usual. 

Please note: If you purchase fish that have not been quarantined, they may still be a carrier for parasites. Parasites can lay dormant in your tank until a new stressed fish is introduced. Corals & inverts may also introduce disease if coming from parasite infested waters. Natural Sea water WILL introduce parasites.