Orders are shipped out Monday-Wednesday only. 

Shipping is calculated at the end of your order. Rural areas will cost more but we will be looking to get cheaper/flat rate prices in the future once we become more established :) 

Please note that shipping rates are only estimated and may change according to the size of fish and final weight of the box. You may be asked to pay the remaining difference. 

Our smallest box can fit up to 5 (small) fish/coral (marine) and may be able to fit more if its just corals. An upgraded box will automatically be used for bigger fish which can fit about 10 fish/coral. 

Our smallest box can fit up to 10 freshwater fish while our upgraded box can fit up to 20+. 

Everything (except coral) presented on our website is available for pre-order. We have fish available at our physical store ready for collection/delivery. However, if the fish aren't already in store, we will order it in with our next fish shipment which happens weekly. ​When purchasing rarer fish, it may take longer for them to be available but you will be next in line as soon as they arrive.

Orders are usually made at the beginning of the week for arrival on Thursday night and can be sent out the following week on Monday. 
If you have a species request please message us through Facebook and we will try our best to source it for you.


Dry Goods

For the items that are not in stock, please allow up to 5 days for delivery. 


Since we have only just newly opened, our shipping times/shipping rates may be longer/higher but will definitely improve once we are more established. Thank you for your support and understanding!


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